Good insulation makes our homes energy efficient, good ventilation keeps our homes healthy. Ventilation gives us fresh air and it prevents mold growth. But ventilation means ventilation valves. We believe every home needs ventilation but nobody wants to see ventilation valves. And that’s why we invented ‘light + ventilation’. Have you seen the installation video?

Our light + ventilation valve is compatible with every ventilation system (DUCORENSON and other brands). The Ø108 plaster ring fits into every Ø125 ventilation duct. Watch the installation video.

Please refer to the light + ventilation installation instructions. There are diagrams that show you how to set the flow rate.

Our light + ventilation valve recieves its power via the valve adapter. Use our prado connector (complementary with the Ø108 plaster ring) to connect the Ø16 preflex to the valve adapter. Watch the installation video to learn more about installation.

We work independent of any brand. Our light + ventilation products are compatible with any ventilation system (DUCO, Renson, any other ventilation system). Our light + ventilation products can be connected to any duct with a diameter of 125 mm.

Our light + ventilation valve is designed for air extraction of up to 50m³/h. It can be used for air supply too (up to 30m³/h) but just like most regular ventilation valves, its downward airflow isn’t suited for installation in or above comfort zones. So make sure to correctly position them in the room, not above seating areas for example. More information and capacity graphs on the technical sheet. Don’t hesitate to contact us to check your ventilation plan for advice.

Our Ø108 plaster ring fits any ventilation duct with a diameter of 125 mm. Watch our installation video for practical explanations and tips.

The vertical part of the ventilation adapter (before the start of the turn) must be at least 74mm high for the plaster ring to be installed correctly. The connector can’t be placed in this zone. Check the Ø108 plaster ring installation instruction or watch the installation video to learn more about installation.

Yes, our drill is suitable for drilling into concrete. We offer a diamond drill that can drill out the perfect diameter you need to install a prado fixture. The drill is also available to buy from us.

We are currently available in the Benelux. Contact us to get to know our products. We’re happy to come over and give you a demo. We can bring you in contact with one of our preferred installers or distributors. Prefer to work with your own installer instead? Contact us so we can get to know the installer or distributor of your choice.

Trimless spots are recessed spotlights without visible edging (or “trim”) on the ceiling. The spotlight is integrated into the ceiling. With a trim spot, you can see the trim around the spotlight on the ceiling.

Where can I find a price list ?

The technical data sheet can be found on the product page. Choose the ‘Products’ menu on the homepage. You will then see a complete overview of all products. Select the desired product by clicking on it. Scroll down the product page until you see ‘Downloads’. When you click on the plus sign next to ‘Downloads’, the tab opens and you will find the technical data sheet (product sheet) and the installation instructions.

Choose the ‘Products’ menu on the homepage. You will then see a complete overview of all products. Choose any product. Under the product description you can click on ‘product overview’ to download an overview.

Other questions?