show what you want, hide what you need

A home, the space we live and breathe in, is far more than meets the eye. It is the place where we connect with our loved ones. A place to express our true selves. It is an extension of our identity, a reflection of our inner world on the outside. And foremost, it is the place where we feel at ease. In a world of constant movement, we long to find inner peace and serenity in our surroundings. At prado we work on the latter.

By creating solutions that combine multiple products, we are helping to create cleaner ceilings. And ultimately serene homes. The aim of our products is to enhance the essence by hiding what is unnecessary. So you can come home to an interior where function, form and sustainability are in harmony.

invisible home solutions

light + ventilation

Ever seen a good looking ventilation valve? We haven’t. And we wanted to change that. The light + ventilation combination hides the ventilation valve in a design luminaire. Made from precision milled, anodised aluminium. Works with DUCO, works with Renson, works with every ventilation system.

light only

The light only fixtures don’t hide ventilation, but do light up your world. Made with the exact same attention to detail and high-end materials.


Our mini collection offers the same solutions, now in an even smaller design (Ø38). The challenge was to create smaller fixtures without compromising on performance. With mini, there is no need for more fixtures since they are just as powerful as other prado luminaires (up to 1.000 lumen). Less is actually more.


The latest addition to our prado family.  Discover a complete range from design sockets to switches and data points, trimless and minimal. Enjoy pure cylindrical forms crafted from precision milled, anodised aluminium, stone or brass.

Seaside home

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